Summer and camp go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Summer Camp


Here are the activities we offer at Camp Windhover.

  • Archery: Windhover provides an archery range for young archers to gain skills in archery...
  • Art: We try simply to cover the basic media of pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, and acrylics...
  • The Blob: Enormously popular during free time are the blob, the zip, and the water trampoline.
  • Music: The focus of the activities is to enrich the camper's musical instruction.
  • Cooking: In cooking class, campers are taught and practice the rudiments of serve-safe preparation, washing hands, using clean utensils, etc.
  • Mountain Biking: Our rugged terrain is a biker's dream...
  • Canoeing: Although we have a small lake, we are passionate about canoeing and try to equip our campers with knowledge and skills.
  • Crafts: Depending on the expertise of the counselor in charge and the interests of the group, crafts may focus on...
  • Drama: Even the youngest camper has opportunities to speak before others.
  • Horseback Riding: The purpose of Windhover's equestrian program is to help campers learn how to take care of horses...
  • Photography: Campers will concentrate on the elements of a good photo: framing, lighting, focus, depth of field.
  • Dance: We offer jazz, ballet and cheerleader dance.
  • Rock Wall/Zip Line: Thirty-feet high, Camp Windhover’s rock wall is plenty of challenge for campers who want to learn to climb and rappel.
  • Sports: Sports is both a daily activity and a camp-wide offering in the afternoons after canteen.
  • Swimming: We offer swimming for the beginner on up, teaching and improving campers' strokes.
  • Creative Writing: Campers are encouraged to discover their own voice, to use graphic details to make their writing come alive, and to find what is involved in good communication, all while having fun!
  • Wilderness Skills: The set piece of any camp offering traditional camp experience should be its wilderness skills program.
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