We live in a world crying out for the joys and lessons of camp.

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The Windhover Vision

We live in a world crying out for the joys and lessons of camp. Every child deserves moments in nature to discover the mystery of stars in a night sky, unhampered by city lights, the music of a stream, or the thrill of a chance encounter with a deer on the trail. Such moments foster respect for the earth, closeness to God, a sense of one’s place in the scheme of things, and stewardship of the gift of nature. Not every child is fortunate enough to spend a week or two away in nature in the summer, honing the ability to make friends, learning new skills, and having fun. Those of us who have experienced camp know the delight of rain on a metal roof that covers the heads of our cabin family, complete with counselors who are cool enough to love being with us and to knit us into community. We know that such experiences teach the skills humans need to connect with one another.

The hawk that soars in Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem, “The Windhover,” provides a perfect symbol for Camp Windhover. Here, we attempt to place children and young adults in a position to see the wonder in life and to begin to develop their individual vision for their art or their life journeys. We create a safe and fun atmosphere where they are free to explore various art and traditional camp activities. We design activities to enhance their skills, imagination, and discernment and to help them develop self-confidence.

Parents can rest assured that their campers are instructed by child-oriented counselors of college age, who have been selected because they truly enjoy working with children and have developed an expertise in their art or camping area. Staff training involves helping children make informed decisions and stimulating critical thinking, as well as teaching respect, responsibility, safety and health. The director hires counselors who can serve as positive role models for children and young adults. Also, the owners’ decision to undergo American Camp Association accreditation testifies to their devotion to achieve the highest standards of safety. We maintain a staff to camper ratio of one to five. The maximum capacity for our eight cabins in the woods beside the lake is eighty campers.

Counselors help campers choose their activities at the start of each camp week, encouraging them to try different offerings that they may never have tried before, and to balance their arts with physical activities, although the camper is free to make choices.

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There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.

—Albert Einstein